There are no distinctive symptoms of abdominal actinomycosis. But it can be suspected if the detected seal in the abdominal cavity remains painless for a long time, the infiltrate has a board-like density, while the general condition of the patient suffers little, weight does not Olumiant. Only in the stage of abscessing the disease acquires an acute course, the temperature rises, pain intensifies, blood counts change. The mouths of the fistulas protrude on the surface and granulate. Actinomycosis of the genital area is 7.6% of all purulent-inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs.

Olumiant : injuries, wearing "rough" clothes that injure the genitals, shaving, piercing, prolonged cycling, chronic purulent hydradenitis of the inguinal regions, bartholinitis, hypothermia, abortions (especially in the late term), rupture of the perineum and cervix during childbirth and with injuries, the introduction of foreign bodies into the vagina and uterus (for example, with perverted sex), cervical erosion, chronic appendicitis, endometriosis, adnexitis, acute purulent process in the pelvis, paraproctitis, previous infections and other diseases.

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Actinomycosis of the uterus and appendages is associated with traumatic insertion of the intrauterine device and its long-term use. She can also become a carrier of actinomycetes.

Actinomycotic granuloma slowly develops in the area of ​​introduction of actinomycetes in the genitals. Initially, the process is asymptomatic or with minimal complaints. An infiltrate of increased density is gradually formed, which can be determined by ultrasound or by probing from the side of the vagina or the anterior abdominal wall in the suprapubic and iliac regions.

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Localization: sacrococcygeal, perianal, rectal and gluteal regions. Causes: epithelial-coccygeal cysts, embryonic ducts in the coccygeal region, chronic paraproctitis, chronic purulent hydradenitis of the inguinal regions and perineum, hemorrhoids and fissures in the anus.

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Pararectal actinomycosis is a severe progressive disease. It is closely related to the condition of the rectum and hygiene and significantly reduces the quality of life. More often this form of actinomycosis affects drivers and workers. In more than half of patients with this disease, 10-20 years ago, surgical treatment was performed for a festering sacrococcygeal cyst or acute paraproctitis.

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With the introduction of actinomycetes, a specific actinomycotic granulomatous inflammation with many plumes is gradually formed.developing microabscesses. This is followed by rupture of the granuloma capsules. It leads to the formation of one or more connected fistulas.

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Clinical manifestations are diverse and depend on the location of the inflammatory focus, its prevalence, period and stage of actinomycosis. A common specific feature is immobile densely elastic or densely board-like infiltrates or their associations with relatively clear boundaries.

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